Positive Energy Changes - Relax, Re-Balance, Revitalise.
Reiki is a beautiful ancient form of natural healing
developed by Mikao Usui in Japan. 
 'Rei' means universal and 'Ki' refers to the life force energy
that flows through all living things. 
As a result Reiki is referred to as 'universal life force energy', a great medium which forms one of the key energy foundations of our being. 
Reiki energy is powerful, yet gently works with your body's own internal healing energy centres  to release blocked energy channels, flowing to where it is needed the most to provide benefit to general health and well being. 

It induces feelings of calm 
and relaxation, and is a great de-stressor. It invokes a sense of peace and stillness within. 

Whilst not a cure, Reiki can assist in "living with" terminal and chronic health conditions; helps to soothe and relieve pain; and aids the body when at rest, therefore encouraging a better sleep pattern. 
Reiki can bring about improved self awareness, encouraging positivity and creating a comfortable state of being. 
The resultant improved self belief and inner confidence will further assist in personal growth and development. 
The Reiki journey and experience will be unique to each individual and their health needs.      
This therapy is carried out sitting or lying down whilst fully clothed.
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